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Purchase Order EDI Introduction

EDI Implementation Guidelines for Suppliers


A Purchase Order is a contractual commitment to acquire goods for a common price, and terms and conditions between the Buyer and the Seller. It may be used for requisition purposes or a price query.

Axion Logistics Ltd. will utilize ANSI.X12 PO850 transaction to transmit Purchase Orders to our EDI Vendors.

Business Practices

Purchase Orders

  1. All purchases from an EDI suppler must have a valid EDI Purchase Order.

  2. In an emergency situation, a verbal order may be placed. A valid Purchase Order number must be obtained from the Buyer. The Supplier is required to set up proper procedures to ensure that;
  • An ASN is sent for processing receipt of the.

It is important for the Supplier to ensure an EDI order is received and an ASN sent as soon as possible after the goods are shipped.

Data Transmissions

A Program will be run regularly to automatically create Purchase Orders for all contracted items.  

For low inventory levels, the program will:

  • Create a purchase order
  • Add additional items to the same purchase order if the order has not been sent via EDI.
  • Create one purchase order per plant per purchasing group per delivery location.

After the completion of Auto-P.O. creation program, EDI Purchase orders, including those created manually by the site Buyer, are extracted and transmitted at the designated times via EDI to the Value Added Network (VAN).

EDI Suppliers are responsible for distributing purchase orders to each of their branches’ systems for order processing if they receive EDI orders for multiple branches at a single location.

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