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Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Administrative Communications Contact

PER Administrative Communications Contact

Pos: 7

Max: 3

Heading - Optional

Loop: N/A

Elements: 4

User Option (Usage): Used

To identify a person or office to whom administrative communications should be directed

Element Summary

Ref Id Element Name Req Type Min/Max Usage
PER01 366 Contact Function Code
Code identifying the major duty or responsibility of the person or group named.
Code: BD
Name: Buyer Name or Department
M ID 2/2 Must use
PER02 93 Name
Free form name.
O AN 1/35 Used
PER03 365 Communication Number Qualifier
Code identifying the type of communication number.
Code: TE
Name: Telephone
O ID 2/2 Used
PER04 364 Communication Number
Complete communications number including country or area code when applicable. Also see: Communications Number Qualifier (365).
C AN 7/21 Used


  1. C0304 - If PER03 is present, then all of PER04 are required


  1. This segment is used to specify who is to be contacted on various conditions related to the transaction. The term "Communication" in the title and purpose relates to interpersonal communications, not network or telecommunications contacts.
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