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Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Beginning Segment for Purchase Order

BEG Beginning Segment for Purchase Order

Pos: 3

Max: 1

Heading - Mandatory

Loop: N/A

Elements: 7

User Option (Usage): Must use

To indicate the beginning of the purchase order transaction set and transmit identifying numbers and dates.

Element Summary

Ref Id Element Name Req Type Min/Max Usage
BEG01 353 Transaction Set Purpose Code
Code identifying purpose of transaction set.
Code: 00
Name: Original
M ID 2/2 Must use
BEG02 92 Purchase Order Type Code
Code specifying the type of Purchase Order.
Code: RL
Name: Release (Blanket Order)
M ID 2/2 Must use
BEG03 324 Purchase Order Number
Identifying number for Purchase Order assigned by the orderer/purchaser
M AN 1/22 Must use
BEG04 328 Release Number
Number identifying a release against a Purchase Order previously placed by the parties involved in the transaction.
O AN 1/30 Used
BEG05 327 Change Order Sequence Number
Number assigned by the orderer identifying a specific change or revision to a previously transmitted transaction set.
O AN 1/8 Used
BEG06 323 Purchase Order Date
Date assigned by the purchaser to Purchase Order.
M DT 6/6 Must use
BEG08 367 Contract Number
Contract number.
O AN 1/30 Used
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