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Tuesday, March 5, 2024

F.O.B. Related Instructions

FOB F.O.B. Related Instructions

Pos: 9

Max: 1

Heading - Optional

Loop: N/A

Elements: 3

User Option (Usage): Used

To specify transportation instructions relating to shipment

Element Summary

Ref Id Element Name Req Type Min/Max Usage
FOB01 146 Shipment Method of Payment
Code identifying payment terms for transportation charges.
Code: ZZ
Name: Mutually Defined
M ID 2/2 Must use
FOB02 309 Location Qualifier
Code identifying type of Location Identifier (310) used.
Code: ZZ
Name: Mutually Defined
O ID 1/2 Used
FOB03 352 Description
A free-form description to clarify the related data elements and their content.
C AN 1/80 Used


  1. C0302 - If FOB03 is present, then all of FOB02 are required
  2. C0405 - If FOB04 is present, then all of FOB05 are required
  3. C0706 - If FOB07 is present, then all of FOB06 are required


  1. (FOB01) - indicates party will pay the carrier.
  2. FOB02 is the code specifying transportation responsibility location.
  3. FOB06 is the code specifying title passage location.
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