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Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Geographic Location

N4 Geographic Location

Pos: 137

Max: 1

Heading - Optional

Loop: N1

Elements: 6

User Option (Usage): Used

To specify the geographic place of the named party

Element Summary

Ref Id Element Name Req Type Min/Max Usage
N401 19 City Name
Free-form text for city name.
C AN 2/19 Used
N402 156 State or Province Code
Code (Standard State/Province) defined by appropriate governmental agencies.
C ID 2/2 Used
N403 116 Postal Code
Code defining international postal zone code excluding punctuation and blanks (zip code for United States).
O ID 5/9 Used
N404 26 Country Code
Code identifying the country.
O ID 2/2 Used
N405 309 Location Qualifier
Code identifying type of Location Identifier (310) used.
All valid standard codes are used.
O ID 1/2 Used
N406 310 Location Identifier
Code which identifies a specific geographic location.
C AN 1/25 Used


  1. R0105 - At least one of N401,N405 is required
  2. C0102 - If N401 is present, then all of N402 are required
  3. P0506 - If either N405,N406 is present, then all are required


  1. A combination of either N401 through N404 (or N405 and N406) may be adequate to specify a location.
  2. N402 is required only if city name (N401) is in the USA or Canada.
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