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Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Terms of Sale/Deferred Terms of Sale

ITD Terms of Sale/Deferred Terms of Sale

Pos: 21

Max: 5

Heading - Optional

Loop: N/A

Elements: 4

User Option (Usage): Used

To specify terms of sale.

Element Summary

Ref Id Element Name Req Type Min/Max Usage
ITD01 336 Terms Type Code
Code identifying type of payment terms.
Code: 01
Name: Basic
M ID 2/2 Must use
ITD02 333 Terms Basis Date Code
Code identifying the beginning of the terms period.
Code: ZZ
Name: Mutually Defined
M ID 1/2 Must use
ITD12 352 Description
A free-form description to clarify the related data elements and their content.
C AN 1/80 Used
ITD13 765 Day of Month
The numeric value of the day of the month between 1 and the maximum day of the month being referenced.
C N2 1/10 Used


  1. L03040513 - If ITD03 is present, then at least one of ITD04,ITD05,ITD13 is required
  2. L080405 - If ITD08 is present, then at least one of ITD04,ITD05 is required
  3. C0910 - If ITD09 is present, then all of ITD10 are required


  1. If ITD01 equals 04 - ITD10 is required and either ITD11 or ITD12 is required. If ITD01 equals 05 - ITD06 or ITD07 is required. If ITD01 does not equal 04 or 05 - ITD03 or ITD08 is required.
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